Quick Tips for a Rainy Day Wedding

You plan this perfect outdoor wedding and then all of a sudden it starts raining on your ‘big day’… How could this happen? Now what are you going to do?

Here are a few tips to remember if rain is predicted for your wedding day:


Tip 1: Have a Backup Plan!

If you are planning a beautiful outdoor ceremony or reception, make sure you have a backup plan in place. Check with your venue regarding the options for moving your event indoors if needed. Also, check to see if there are any additional costs associated with the change and when you have to make a final decision.

Tip 2: Be Prepared.


If you know there is a chance of rain on your wedding make sure you bring the right supplies. Have umbrellas ready for you and your guests, plus it will make a cute wedding photo later. Bring rain boots or a second pair of shoes so you don’t ruin your wedding shoes. And have some towels on hand to dry off with or wipe up wet spots by the doors.



Tip 3: Have Fun.
Yes, the rain may not have been part of the plans for your picture perfect day, but don’t let it ruin the day.  Remember that today you are marrying the love of your life, surrounded by your family and friends. There will always be a few things that don’t go as planned, but remember to enjoy your day and don’t worry about every detail.  Unfortunately we can’t control the weather so don’t let the rain “rain on your parade.”



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