How to Include Kids in Your Wedding

Whether they are your own, or relatives, or guests, there are many sweet ways to include kids in your ‘big day.’

We gathered a few of our favorites to inspire you while planning your own event.

Johnston-186.jpgOne of the most common ways to include kids is incorporate them into the wedding ceremony. Younger kids can be flower girls and ring bearers. Keep in mind there is always a chance they will steal the show, we’ve seen it happen a time or two.  Keep their assignment simple, nothing complicated, and make sure to secure the ring for the ring bearer!

For the kids that are older, there is always the option of making them junior bridesmaids and groomsmen. Being part of the bridal party can create special lifelong memories for kids.

30956391700_e7b21e2805_k.jpgIf the kids are your own, you might want to consider a more personal way to include them in the wedding.  You could have them read a verse or tell a story, help with the unity candle lighting or sand ceremony; you might even have them walk you down the aisle.   C129.jpg

During the reception keeping kids entertained can be a bit more challenging. Having outdoor games and activities will help to keep them occupied during the cocktail hour and reception. Also, having a table just for the kids is a great way for them to socialize and get to know other family members. Adding a craft or indoor activity for them to do is an easy way to keep them busy as well. Assigning a friend or family member to be in charge of the kids can be a big stress reliever.

Luther Wedding-Luther Wedding Day-0500-1.jpgOne of the easiest ways to keep kids entertained during the reception is through music and dancing. Make sure you pick some fun upbeat songs that kids will recognize. Have a member of the bridal party to be in charge of getting the kids out on the dance floor!Gudmundsson-537.jpg

Don’t forget the bouquet toss! Have all the little girls come out for the bouquet toss as well. It’s a fun way for them to feel involved and extra special if they catch it! If you have a garter toss, let the little guys come out as well, if they want to.

Morgan&Krzysztof_135.jpgKids can be a fun and adorable addition to your wedding… if you are prepared. Plus, you can get some adorable pictures as well. After all who doesn’t love to see kids in cute dresses and tuxedos! Lauren+Mitch_Sneak006.jpg


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