Marriage Advice From Our Readers

The best way to understand marriage is to ask real people for their experiences. We asked our Facebook followers to tell us their best marriage advice! Here are some of the amazing responses we got from them!



Erin Watson When there is ever an issue, take time to see it from the other side BUT never lose yourself or put away your true feelings. Once some real time has been taken to contemplate the real issue(s), talk it out and don’t rehash it again. You can agree to disagree, even in a marriage.


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Stress-Free Wedding Planning

SteviClackPhotography-3402Make a plan to plan:
Planning to ‘plan’ for your wedding may sound like more work than needed, but in reality it will make your life easier. By being organized and having a written plan of everything that needs to be done, you will be able to stay on top of all the details and get everything done!

  • Set-up an event timeline.
  • Add deadlines including when important items need to be decided upon.
  • Make sure to add ‘planning time’ with your fiancé.
  • Make a list of each person who is helping and…

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How to Include Kids in Your Wedding

Whether they are your own, or relatives, or guests, there are many sweet ways to include kids in your ‘big day.’

We gathered a few of our favorites to inspire you while planning your own event.

Johnston-186.jpgOne of the most common ways to include kids is incorporate them into the wedding ceremony. Younger kids can be flower girls and ring bearers. Keep in mind there is always a chance they will steal the show, we’ve seen it happen a time or two.  Keep their assignment simple, nothing complicated, and make sure to secure the ring for the…

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Newlywed Marriage Survival Tips


So the ‘big day’ you have been anticipating is officially over. You had been planning this one day for so long, you forgot to think about what was going to happen once it was over. What is being married really mean? How do you keep the love growing?

Luckily, we have some helpful advice for married life.


Don’t forget to be an “I.”  Of course marriage is a partnership; however, you can’t forget that you are an individual too. Take some time for yourself. Go enjoy activities that you like on your own….

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Summertime Wedding Décor Ideas


Summer is  upon us, which means it’s time for more gorgeous outdoor weddings! Summertime means warm weather, colorful flowers , greenery , bright color schemes, and so much more!


To help inspire you,  we have gathered a few great ideas for your summer wedding!


 Program Fans!
The summertime can be hot! So help your guests to stay cool by making your wedding programs a cute fan that they can use during the event.


‘Pops’ of Color.
Summertime brings vibrant colors, so it’s a great excuse to use those…

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Quick Tips for a Rainy Day Wedding

You plan this perfect outdoor wedding and then all of a sudden it starts raining on your ‘big day’… How could this happen? Now what are you going to do?

Here are a few tips to remember if rain is predicted for your wedding day:


Tip 1: Have a Backup Plan!

If you are planning a beautiful outdoor ceremony or reception, make sure you have a backup plan in place. Check with your venue regarding the options for moving your event indoors if needed. Also, check to see if there are any additional costs associated with the change…

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Wedding Planning Tips from BB Webb

Wedding Planning Tips

Wedding Planning TipsThere are a host of wonderful venues to choose from in and around the Atlanta area. Each has a fine array of features and benefits to boast, some historic, others contemporary, with a chapel or without, indoor options or garden wedding possibilities, each unique, varied with their own unique personality.

I am aware in working with hundreds of brides over the years that value and service is key, despite the particular personality and features you prefer for your very important day.

I coach brides who I meet to be sure to look…

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For the Love of Wedding Music!

Music!  Shakespeare said it best:
“If music be the food of love, play on,
Give me excess of it; that surfeiting,
The appetite may sicken, and so die.”
William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night

It’s personal, it’s enriching, it can change a mood, evoke a memory and shift a challenging day into something better.  Years ago, when I was studying theatre, I took a 2 month trip to London to watch, at some of the most revered theatres, some of the most renown artists ‘strut their stuff’.  I remember when entering each theatre, how with the music choices made, the mood was set…

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Carl House History Video

We’re thrilled to announce the completion of our ‘Carl House History’ video!  With an interest from our clients and guests in learning about Carl House, this video was crafted to highlight the lineage and evolution of this majestic home. The video recounts the history of Carl House from its original construction in 1903 as a family dwelling and ornamental plant nursery, to hosting the first wedding in July of 2003 as an all-occasion event venue.



Photo by: Tulle & Grace.


Gratitude to filmmaker Daniel “DaBishop” Ademinokan.

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