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BB Brand Jewelry

Conceived by Carl House Owner, BB Webb and Designer Sarah Zinn Vogel out of Shanghai, BB Brand Jewelry is a collection of sophisticated and affordable jewelry crafted with an assortment of beautiful sea pearls and unique crystals. Marketing 13

Realizing a need within the bridal market for jewelry both elegant and sophisticated, trendy and affordable, BB Webb teamed up with Sarah Zinn Vogel whose expertise in pearls and unique design was a perfect fit.  Together they’ve been listening to what brides want and designing unique pieces perfect for not just the bride, but her mother and bridesmaids as well.

“I asked Sarah to design a few sets of cufflinks for the groomsman and am delighted at their popularity!” says BB Webb. “Most of all, it’s a delight to work with Sarah and the brides to come up with custom pieces which fit the look and feel of their unique event.”

Not just for weddings, each jewelry item is designed to be worn after the wedding, giving every piece of elegant jewelry a lifetime of wear along with great memories.  Sold exclusively through Carl House, BB Brand Jewelry is perfect for you or a special someone, meant to complete the theme and style of any bride’s unique wedding!


  • Perfect for Bridal Showers Marketing 5
  • Holiday, Birthday or
    Anniversary Gifts
  • Custom One-of-a-Kind Gifts
  • Gifts for Your Company’s Team
  • Corporate Incentive Awards
  • Graduation Gifts
  • Bridal Party Gifts
  • Valentine’s Day Gift
  • Just Because, (Our Favorite)!

Please contact us at 770-586-0095 or via email at to to set up a consultation and learn more about BB Brand Jewelry.


Photos by: Sarah Eubanks Photography
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