BB Webb Speaks with Ken Coleman

Ken Coleman Chats with BB Webb Today at 6:08pm on 550AM or 102.9FM (6-20-13)
Points North Award-Derek WintermuteTune in for some lively banter between the unstoppable BB Webb and the candid and always interesting, Ken Coleman….two possible tornadoes who might set fire to the airwaves!
(For those who missed the broadcast, visit Ken’s website below)!
If you’ve not tuned into the  Ken Coleman Show, treat yourself weekdays between 5 and 7 pm on 550AM or 102.9FM. Listen or watch at
A more colorful program you’ll be challenged to find!
For more on BB’s latest speaking and writing pursuits and offerings, visit Arriving with BB Webb.  To view her latest talk, ‘Build Your Business.  Find Your Twirl,’ featured on Comcast through the Paulding County Chamber of Commerce, click here.
And, for the latest happenings in and around the property where memories are made, visit Carl House!
Stay tuned also for an upcoming new offering at Carl House,
a collaboration between BB and her new Chef, (soon to be announced)
‘Find Your Twirl Dipping Sauce,’
…..where she encourages guests to
Dip into the Life You LOVE!’
 BB’s official announcement upcoming!
Top photo by: Artstar Photography. Bottom photo by: Derek Wintermute Photography


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