Macrae & Ryan 09-20-14

For the love of love!  It’s all in the moments, it’s all in the details. Congratulations to a beautiful couple!  Enjoy our video of some great memories! Click here to see the video.  Macrae & Ryan 09-20-14-SD (480p)



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Carl House is extending a ‘First Ever Promotion’ you won’t want to miss!

DSC_2376 smallerOn our wish list is more happy unions at Carl House…this year and next!

Are you a fit for our offer? Are you open to:

1.  Moving your wedding date up a bit to create the wedding of your dreams?

2. Taking advantage of our new lower minimums and packages by booking your wedding by September 30, 2014?

*lowered minimums apply through 3-14-15

Email us at or call Anna, our Wedding and Event Specialist, at 770.586.0095 or (cell) 706.654.0537, to learn more and to arrange a tour of our beautiful house and grounds.

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Top 10 Reasons Why Brides LOVE and Choose Carl House


Select dates only. Restrictions may apply. Offer subject to change without notice.

Photo by: Lemon Chic Photography

Another Carl House Bride and Groom Featured in Borrowed & Blue Athens Wedding Blog

Tiffany & Ben, March 15, 2014.

Oh how we love a mid-morning affair, and when you have a couple like Tiffany & Ben who pull it off so flawlessly, we have no choice but to share it with the world. Leslie West Photography caught all this wedding goodness so perfectly, and we are beside ourselves with all those special touches that have our hearts just fluttering today. From the breathtaking backdrop of the Carl House to the bride’s gorgeous bouquet, and everything in between, this wedding does Southern elegance to perfection. So grab a seat, and savor all this goodness just popping out of your screen, because this is one soirée you do not want to miss.

From the photographer….

Oh, I love a good southern wedding. Tiffany & Ben’s wedding had Southern charm written all over it: everything from the lace dress and pearls to playing corn hole on the front lawn. The bridesmaids were stunning in their pale pink dresses and the roomsmen kept me laughing the entire day. I never could resist a brunch wedding…especially when they are serving french toast!

Click here to read more and see the details.

Carl House Wedding Featured in Borrowed & Blue Athens Weddings blog

Amanda & John, October 18, 2013.

Just when we thought Athens could not be any sweeter, we get this gem and are immediately reminded why we love this charming Southern town. This celebration is chock full of that certain allure that can only be found in Athens, and when you have a pair as lovely as Amanda & John, it makes any day that much better! We simply cannot get over the lovely shots by Noi Tran Photography of these two lovebirds strolling around the property with gorgeous sunlight streaming through the trees. Wedding days this lovely must be shared with the rest of the world, and we could not be any more excited to bring it to you today!

From Noi Tran Photography….

Amanda & John wanted to focus on celebrating with their family and friends. Many of their family members were from out of town, and their wedding was spectacular! There was nonstop fun on the dance floor! Their wedding definitely highlighted all the fun activities they shared with their guests. John’s exact words about the wedding was, “I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect wedding day.” And I would have to agree! Both Amanda & John were such a pleasure to capture.

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It’s Just Weather….Or is it? by BB Webb

APTOPIX Winter Weather GeorgiaIt comes and goes, doesn’t it?  Just as the jubilant times or travails in our life.  Wait awhile and we’re in a new mood.  Grieve a loss and a new gift appears in your life.  We’re all conditioned based on our experience.

When 2 inches of snow fell on Georgia in early February, our fine city of Atlanta became paralyzed.  Well, of course it did!  Having lived in many snowy states in New England and with family living in Montana, at first blush it all seemed ridiculous.

Here’s the rub.  If you were asked to conjugate a string of verbs but didn’t know the language, could you do it?  Well, of course not.  Though we’ve had some experience with sticky weather in Georgia, this was clearly an infrequent phenomenon, all of course which could have been better avoided with more thoughtful planning and coordination, yet inside all that icy, cold sunshine-with-god-grace-wallpaperhysteria, I found a gift.

Having been asked to speak to the group of Realtors way west in Dallas, GA, I made my early morning trek after speaking to my host presenter the night before and the morning of my talk.  She felt certain that the snows would come early afternoon, making my noon appearance in plenty of time to get back home the hour and half I had to travel.  However, we all witnessed the pretty white stuff with its delicate introduction around 10am.

Weather is just that way….a tad unpredictable despite all our advanced technology!

As predicted, my talk was hurried along as soon as the scant participants began arriving; clearly we Georgians are far from seasoned at navigating the white stuff, and, with massive exits from school, work and the emergency ‘milk, bread and egg runs’, the roads became swiftly clogged and impassable.

I was one of the lucky ones.  I traveled 20 miles of my 70 to get home in 5 hours.  Others slept in cars, bounced metal against metal with other wayfarers and worse, walked in cold, snowy slush to find shelter, restrooms and food.  A minor apocalypse or as the incident was fondly named, ‘snowpocalypse’.

Not one to be patient ‘sitting still’,  I weaved my car up and down icy backroads, slipping and sliding as I saw neighbors out Silver-lining-in-thunderstormpushing one another in heroic fashion.  I gratefully made it to a warm Hilton Hotel with folks piled warmly in the toasty lobby, mingling at the bar, serving themselves from the buffet.  The spirit of it all was heartwarming, people sharing stories, considering where they might sleep.  I befriended a kind woman who offered up the second bed in her room as all others were taken.

Each challenge we encounter can yield a greater good, and I’m not just putting on my ‘Pollyanna’, rose-colored glasses.  Certainly tough times hurt, but they’re like weather, they come and go.  Eventually, the snow melts, we go home and tell everyone about our adventures, help a few people along the way, and realize perhaps, how fortunate we really are, caught in a snow drift or receiving the kindness of strangers.

Click Here to listen to BB’s interview with Ken Coleman on The Ken Coleman Radio Show  recounting her Snowcalypse winter tale.


Carl House Bride Recipient of Wedding Gown From ‘Brides Across America’!

With the distinctive din of bagpipes resounding in the background, Allison, glides down the Carl House ceremonial brick paved pathway, wearing a stunning designer gown, gifted to her through the ‘Brides Across America’ organization in conjunction with Wedding Angles Bridal Boutique.  Doug, her husband-to-be, and his groomsmen, their eyes transfixed in her direction, are stunningly clad in full military attire.  Helping to fulfill her ‘once in a lifetime’ dream wedding, Allison was one of this year’s recipients of a complimentary wedding gown from Brides Across America and Wedding Angles Bridal Boutique.

Allison and Doug relished their October 6  fall wedding at Carl House with family and friends. The couple was enthusiastically introduced to the welcoming crowd during the gathering as they traveled through a military arc of swords. Guests enjoyed an elegant meal prepared by Carl House Executive Chef Justin Johnson including Cilantro Citrus Beurre Blanc and a favorite, Boursin Mashed Potatoes.

Brides Across America is a nationwide charity dedicated to encouraging bridal salons to providing free wedding gowns for military brides. Wedding Angles Bridal Boutique, located in Roswell , is a selected bridal salon for Brides Across American and was the only Georgia bridal salon to donate free designer wedding gowns to military brides. Their next event is scheduled for November 11 and 12, 2013.  Hats off to this fine organization and with Vetran’s Day earlier this week, to all the fine men and women who serve in the armed forces.

Click here to see photos and read more

Click here to learn more about Brides Across American



Walking Sicily…


Just as my mother played Duke Ellington and Hoagy Carmichael tunes well into her seventies, to shower her ether waves with sweet memories from her past, I find myself this week dressed in my stiff, touristy ‘map of Sicily’ apron preparing robust dishes reminiscent of my recent walking tour adventure in beautiful Sicily.  With garlic, eggplant (aubergine), fresh onions, tomatoes, capers, green olives and ricotta cheese, I find myself not ready for re-entry into my workaday world.  Fortunately my role as venue owner allows me to share with my savvy chef for a continued recreation of some of the delightful cuisine that had me at ‘buon gior·no’!

VegetablesOur tour was conceived by friend Susan Evans, a fellow Georgian and owner of Italian villa, Fondo Le Teglie, (a Carl House sister destination), hands down the most perfect and well-appointed vacation getaway I’ve yet to visit and, I hold my standards high…it’s my business to do so!  (  It’s no wonder that Susan not only assembled a bright, adventuresome and entirely fun group of professionals, (an even dozen), but as importantly, recruited two of the finest walking tour guides to hit the Mediterranean way.  As an all-inclusive excursion, I found all needs met a moment before they were realized!

Awaking early to a sumptuous breakfast, regional confections, meats, cheeses and fresh café au lait, off we’d fly on our custom-fitted bus to our first walking adventure.  Within our week we traversed up volcanoes, dipped toes in three oceans, hiked mountainsides picking fresh blackberries, prickly pears, walked past hectares of olive groves and sampled ripe grapes basking in the sun to soon be plucked for aromatic Sicilian wine.  We delighted in the clanging of cowbells, braying of sheep herds and swift slithering lizards.  We walked the cobblestoned streets of small towns, inside gilded churches and stood like toy soldiers amidst grandiose ruins.

FishEvery afternoon and evening we were met with a perfectly set luncheon and later dinner table to enjoy whatever local cuisine was planned along with wines one more delectable than the next and once, a homemade Grappa that I still savor, made sweet with fresh home harvested honey.  Someone coined the onslaught of first course anti-pastas as the ‘Normandy invasion of foods’….fresh, healthy, expertly prepared, prawns, swordfish, arugula, a multitude of vegetables, pastas, breads and small confections to end the meals.

Aside from the plethora of fresh foods, wine and breathtaking scenery, my more monumental takeaway was the camaraderie amongst this diverse group of newly introduced, extraordinary individuals living throughout the US.  With each trek the coupling of conversations would shift and turn, each of us visiting with one another as though perfectly planned.  At the end of the week I felt a deepened connection, respect and admiration for each person, for their unique ‘story’, knowledge, challenges and view of the world. In my microcosm of small business ownership, I felt heartened, healed in a sense by the warmth, closeness and diversity of experience we brought to one another.

Together, on this geographic ‘football’ island at the bottom of the Italian ‘boot,’ me the fortunate goalie to be a part of this extraordinary walking tour win, truly a panacea sweeter than wine!

In the News…

There is a lot happening at Carl House and Owner BB Webb is spreading the word out and about throughout the nation!  With our upcoming Bridal Event (deadline today at 5pm)…(see upcoming events link)….and our wine dinner on September 27th, we have lots to share.

To view BB’s interview with Christine Pullara, host of WXIA Channel 11′s Atlanta & Company program, click here!

A Decade in Business…with the Best Yet to Come! Thanks for the Memories.

By BB Webb

BB Webb Derek Wintermute PhotographyBeing a decade in business I’ve found is no small feat.  The delights certainly out number the hardships, though to covet a few hard won scars would be unrealistic and certainly point to no risks taken.  I have my fair share.

I speak throughout the country to business owners, entrepreneurs and their employees.  This includes women’s groups, college age folks, anyone who I might share a little about the ups, downs and ‘turn-arounds’ of building a successful business. Though I have no biological children of my own, I think growing and nurturing a business is not unlike raising children.

There are a plethora of books on growing businesses, and a few too on raising children, yet we all tend to dive in with our eyes half shut and our enthusiasm high!  And why wouldn’t we, as passion is what takes us from one day to the next and it’s where we strive to spend our time, in our passion points!

So, when the first delight of having actually gotten the loan you need, or the first customer to take interest in your product or service or a potential employee answers your ad, you’re elated!  ‘This can work!’ you hear yourself muttering.  And then, ‘Wow’ when you receive your first kudos, ‘this was the best day of my life!’  You hang it on your wall, share with your stupendous team!

You’ve opened your doors to customers, you create jobs, people are liking what you offer and then your first hiccup.  Someone wasn’t served tea at a function and the rains begin to fall.  You’re stupefied that someone can become so angry with you for an unintentional error.  ‘I’m so sorry’ you hear yourself say, ‘how might we make that up to you?’

And on and on it goes, the delight and challenge of expanding your vision, making policies stick, navigating governmental atrocities, assuring you are bringing in the right people to tend your business, your baby, working to grow your company to consistently exceed expectation, remain in the black, endeavoring to not kill yourself in the wake.  As a parent has many sleepless nights, so too does a business owner, working to successfully navigate through changing and challenged economic times and the unexpected throes of working with people.

And as you do traverse the very, very good, the shockingly bad and the beautiful or nefarious people who come in and out of your life, you remember to express thanks for this opportunity you have, created for the purpose of doing good, for creating memories, jobs, goodwill in the community and to lift the bar for what excellence means.

And though owning a business, or raising children is not for everyone, certainly either choice not for those lacking true fortitude, it’s nonetheless a blessing to have the opportunity to creatively work for the betterment of all and to intend all good, despite the occasional tea being missed, or miscommunications which sometimes ensue.  And at the end of the day, if the good you have achieved outweighs the bad, rest assured in a job well done!

I’m thrilled to be moving into our next decade of business at Carl House with the intention of doing more good, positively impacting more lives and exceeding even our own expectations!

View our video memories of then and now!  (Under Construction, 2003)  (A Decade in Business, 2013)

(Above photo by Derek Wintermute)


BB Webb Speaks with Ken Coleman

Ken Coleman Chats with BB Webb Today at 6:08pm on 550AM or 102.9FM (6-20-13)
Points North Award-Derek WintermuteTune in for some lively banter between the unstoppable BB Webb and the candid and always interesting, Ken Coleman….two possible tornadoes who might set fire to the airwaves!
(For those who missed the broadcast, visit Ken’s website below)!
If you’ve not tuned into the  Ken Coleman Show, treat yourself weekdays between 5 and 7 pm on 550AM or 102.9FM. Listen or watch at
A more colorful program you’ll be challenged to find!
For more on BB’s latest speaking and writing pursuits and offerings, visit Arriving with BB Webb.  To view her latest talk, ‘Build Your Business.  Find Your Twirl,’ featured on Comcast through the Paulding County Chamber of Commerce, click here.
And, for the latest happenings in and around the property where memories are made, visit Carl House!
Stay tuned also for an upcoming new offering at Carl House,
a collaboration between BB and her new Chef, (soon to be announced)
‘Find Your Twirl Dipping Sauce,’
…..where she encourages guests to
Dip into the Life You LOVE!’
 BB’s official announcement upcoming!
Top photo by: Artstar Photography. Bottom photo by: Derek Wintermute Photography


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