Build Your Business. Find Your Twirl…with BB Webb

Owner BB  Webb will be speaking at the Paulding County Chamber of Commerce Georgia Power Luncheon event June 6th at 11am in Paulding County.  Her talk, ‘Build Your Business. Find Your Twirl,’ explores key tenants she’s learned in building a successful business and with equal importance, how to maintain your passion in the midst of challenge and growth.  To register online click here and go to upcoming events.

BB Webb Derek Wintermute PhotographyBeing an entrepreneur is easier said than done and in a challenged economy, all the more tenuous.  BB Webb shares colorful stories and lessons learned to help guide other business owners and their employees into creating successful, profitable enterprises that can prosper far into the future! Her talk, ‘Build Your Business. Find Your Twirl!’ will inspire both the seasoned and budding entrepreneur into a journey of new possibilities and empowered direction.  As a former actress, BB brings with her an energetic, unique delivery and hard earned experience as an entrepreneur!  With a spirit of creative fun and discovery she shares inspired ‘takeaways’ that will help you grow your business in new and profitable ways!

Key talking points include:

  • Mining Your Assets, Rising Above the Rabble!
  • Surrounding Yourself with the RIGHT People
  • Cash is STILL King!
  • Navigating the ‘Hard Stuff’
  • Play to Your Passion.  Find Your Twirl!

BB will be speaking at four Wedding Market Expos this year.  For more information on where to buy tickets, contact:

August 6-8, 2013 – Austin, TX – Palmer Events Center

September 10-12, 2013 –Lakeland, FL – The Lakeland Center

October 22-24, 2013 – Atlanta, GA – Gwinnett Center

BB’s topics include:

 ‘Building Your Business.  Find Your Twirl’ (description above) and ‘Mining Your Assets, Rising Above the Rabble!’

BB Webb continues her message of a self-empowered, professional focus as she shares stories of entrepreneurial near disaster and her inspired solutions to rise above the fray.  With both laughter and tears she’ll send you away with perspectives on how to muscle through the tough times and have you working on an action plan that will create greater abundance and focus on the possibilities available to you!  Be prepared to focus on your strengths while refusing to become a part of what BB calls the ‘Limited Laggard – Honey Boo Boo’ mindset, embracing the inspired, creative, forward moving professional you were born to be!

Key Talking Points Include:

  • Making Things What They Are!
  • The Importance of Relationship. Business IS Personal!
  • If It COULD Work, What Would It Look Like?
  • Who Do You Need To ‘Fire’ From Your Life?
  • Your Roadmap For Change And Support Along The Way

To contact BB to speak at your next event, contact her at  (photo by Derek Wintermute)

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    Ms. BB Webb is one of the best Wedding Experts I ever met. The Carl house is wonderful venue and it has the best employees there

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