It’s Just Weather….Or is it? by BB Webb

APTOPIX Winter Weather GeorgiaIt comes and goes, doesn’t it?  Just as the jubilant times or travails in our life.  Wait awhile and we’re in a new mood.  Grieve a loss and a new gift appears in your life.  We’re all conditioned based on our experience.

When 2 inches of snow fell on Georgia in early February, our fine city of Atlanta became paralyzed.  Well, of course it did!  Having lived in many snowy states in New England and with family living in Montana, at first blush it all seemed ridiculous.

Here’s the rub.  If you were asked to conjugate a string of verbs but didn’t know the language, could you do it?  Well, of course not.  Though we’ve had some experience with sticky weather in Georgia, this was clearly an infrequent phenomenon, all of course which could have been better avoided with more thoughtful planning and coordination, yet inside all that icy, cold sunshine-with-god-grace-wallpaperhysteria, I found a gift.

Having been asked to speak to the group of Realtors way west in Dallas, GA, I made my early morning trek after speaking to my host presenter the night before and the morning of my talk.  She felt certain that the snows would come early afternoon, making my noon appearance in plenty of time to get back home the hour and half I had to travel.  However, we all witnessed the pretty white stuff with its delicate introduction around 10am.

Weather is just that way….a tad unpredictable despite all our advanced technology!

As predicted, my talk was hurried along as soon as the scant participants began arriving; clearly we Georgians are far from seasoned at navigating the white stuff, and, with massive exits from school, work and the emergency ‘milk, bread and egg runs’, the roads became swiftly clogged and impassable.

I was one of the lucky ones.  I traveled 20 miles of my 70 to get home in 5 hours.  Others slept in cars, bounced metal against metal with other wayfarers and worse, walked in cold, snowy slush to find shelter, restrooms and food.  A minor apocalypse or as the incident was fondly named, ‘snowpocalypse’.

Not one to be patient ‘sitting still’,  I weaved my car up and down icy backroads, slipping and sliding as I saw neighbors out Silver-lining-in-thunderstormpushing one another in heroic fashion.  I gratefully made it to a warm Hilton Hotel with folks piled warmly in the toasty lobby, mingling at the bar, serving themselves from the buffet.  The spirit of it all was heartwarming, people sharing stories, considering where they might sleep.  I befriended a kind woman who offered up the second bed in her room as all others were taken.

Each challenge we encounter can yield a greater good, and I’m not just putting on my ‘Pollyanna’, rose-colored glasses.  Certainly tough times hurt, but they’re like weather, they come and go.  Eventually, the snow melts, we go home and tell everyone about our adventures, help a few people along the way, and realize perhaps, how fortunate we really are, caught in a snow drift or receiving the kindness of strangers.

Click Here to listen to BB’s interview with Ken Coleman on The Ken Coleman Radio Show  recounting her Snowcalypse winter tale.


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